Crown Head II


Crown Head dependability, quiet design reduces noise

Diaphragm intake pump that will not be damaged by running dry.

Two Piece Bowl with a front facade makes it appear as a one piece bowl


Standard Features

Easy to clean and maintain, suitable for the most demanding boaters

Efficient flushing action includes a powerful centrifugal macerating pump

Pump cover facade that neatly hides pump components

Simple & flexible installation for mounting above or below the waterline

Can be used with on-board Electro-Scan treatment systems and/or holding tanks.



Available in 12, 24, 32V DC or 120/240V AC

Choice of full-size household style bowl or marine size bowl

Available in White or Bone

Available in on-board pressurized freshwater and raw water models

Wall Control Switch


Freshwater Solenoid Model (C2F)

- Whisper flush design for quiet operation

- less Maintenance and odours than raw water models


Remote Intake Pump Model (C2R12)

- Remote diaphragm intake pump that can dry run without damage

- Reduces noise levels

- Easier Access to intake pump

Sleek appearance

in a mid priced electric Macerating toilet.


Freshwater or Raw Water flush

Toilet Sanitation Systems

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$3530 rrp



Standard Bowl


Model #C2W912