Atlantes Freedom

Powerful Bronze Cutting Blades, designed to ‘SHRED

most objects.



Household & Elongated Bowls


Freedom from clogged toilets and marine sized bowls, excellent performance even in commercial applications


- Simple flexible installation

- Heavy duty attractive stainless steel flush handle

- Low power consumption

- Three modes of operation - Fill, dry flush or fill and flush

- Handle with timer operation has “fail-safe” mode

- Easy to clean and maintain

- Diaphragm intake pump can be run dry

- Pressurized freshwater or raw water intake models

- Microprocessor control and solid state circuit breaker

- No fuses or relays inside the unit


Standard Features

One Piece China Bowl

Anti-Clog “power shred” discharge system



A7F, A8F, A9F models are for use with pressurised water and provide whisper flush operation

A7, A8 and A9 models are self contained allowing quick and easy installation

A7R, A8R, and A9R models provide quieter operation and more flexible installation when long intake runs are necessary

Full-Size household bowl available in white, bone and black or elongated

Bowl available in white and bisque

Available for 12, 24, 32V DC or 110V/240V AC

Wall Switch and timer control models available

Toilet Sanitation Systems

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Model #AVHWR01201


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Model #AVHWR2400