The most Dependable Name on the Water

A strong and reliable product made to withstand the rigours of the commercial industry whilst remaining compact and affordable.

There are manual or electric toilet systems ranging from a one piece to multi piece bowls, full sized to compact bowls, 12V DC to 240V AC, Standard to Power saving Models....

The new Atlantes series has a new Bronze Impeller that is bigger, stronger and better than anything on the market today. It will shred most objects that often get flushed through the system.

When combined with the ‘Electro Scan’ waste treatment system anyone of the toilets removes the need for bulky holding tanks and eliminates odours!  A one button system.


The Original Compact Toilet Brand

One of the most affordable, reliable  and common brands on the market.

The range extends from the basic Compact Manual to a Full Household sized Electric toilet.

There new range of manual systems include a Dry Bowl lock off valve within the handle and the electrics have a Wall Push button Operation panel.

Full service kits are available as well as smaller repair kits.


Toilet Sanitation Systems


Full sized household toilet with new bronze macerator blades shreds most objects with a quiet ‘whisper’ flush, one piece china bowl....more



Sleek appearance, quiet operation in a mid-priced electric macerating toilet.

Two Piece Bowl with a front facade makes it appear as a one piece bowl ....more



Mid-priced, high quality, non-macerating manual toilet. Reliable, high quality design uses sea or lake water...more




Smallest marine sanitation device for environmentally friendly treatment of waste and legal overboard discharge, the new Electroscan consistently controls the electrodes to reduces power consumption by up to 36%. ....more




Treatment Units

Electric Toilets have the motor sited at the rear of a narrow base, which gives a clean appearance from the front, and its push button...more


The new dimension in sophistication, Water levels can be adjusted to suit your needs via a three way switch drastically....more


For extra safety and peace of mind the intuitive, simple to use, Twist 'n' Lock action handle guards against syphonic....more

“Simply stated”, Raritan wanted to design a toilet that looked better, worked better was easier to clean and maintain, and easier to install....more





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Raritan manufactures equipment for pleasure boats throughout the world.

Products include marine toilets, waste treatment systems, icemakers and water heaters. Committed to the environment and preserving sea life, Raritan designs products to help maintain an environmental balance and ensure the quality of marine waters.


In business since 1958, Raritan builds the products that make your life at sea more like your life at home. We manufacture stylish, durable products that will provide years of service on your vessel.