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These lightweight RIBs are based on our exceptionally successful Sportmaster boats and built to a lighter specification to reduce weight.

The Aquapro Sportmaster range of RIBs is the ultimate in tough tenders and high performance sport boats. A;uminium hulls and PVC pontoons these boats start at 2.40m through to 3.48m

Roll Away


Made in 2 models 2.5m & 3.0m. Exclusive folding down transom combined with lightweight RIMTEC hulls, these boats once deflated take up very little space and are a pleasure to handle.

and is easy to store.

2.6m to 3.90m Polyester hull tenders. Generous by their interior dimensions, quality of the components used and built to last, the Cadet Rib will provide your boat with elegance.

Ranges from 2.0m to 2.6m with slatted plywood or inflatable floors. Comprehensive equipment with a good quality price ratio make these tenders perfect for seasonal use.

The multi purpose boat: freedom to customise it's deck layout with seats / consoles according to your requirements. Great for a bach or tender. Starts at 4.20m length and reaches 7.50m.


Inflatable floor boats from 2.85 to 3.60m.

Equipped with the patented “Acti-V all inflatable floor” Zodiac concept, the Cadet Fastroller, easy to install, offers greater comfort in navigation and provides exceptional performance.



“Worlds 1st inflatable” since 1934

Internationally recognised

Thermobonding - A Zodiac exclusive         

Superior Safety

Sailors Corner the Zodiac Inflatable Distributor for NZ

Market Leading brand with a true Identity

Incomparable quality

70 Years of boat building experience

Legendary toughness

The Original Zodiac the product of over 70 years of experience, the CLASSIC retains all the qualities that built ZODIAC’s™ reputation: safety, stability and strength.

Boats from 3.5m to 4.2m

ZODIAC® technology designed the patented FUTURA hull. providing outstandingly easy handling and extreme thrills! This brilliant model comes in three sizes - 3.7m, 4.1, & 4.5m


from $2859

from $3259

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Whether you are a keen camper, 4WDer, fisherman or just enjoy a family fun day on

the water, Zodiac has a boat for every adventure. Renowned for safety and with more than a million boats sold throughout the world Zodiac has been the world’s leader in inflatable boats and over 70 years.



The range of RIBs from Aquapro are a brand that stands for quality, rugged dependability and attention to detail. From the smallest model (2.4m) to the largest (4.28m), each and every Aquapro is hand-built in New Zealand.